Ximena sariana and omar rodriguez lopez dating

If Omar Rodríguez López never wants to talk to me ever again, I completely understand.

Not because I offended him or because he’s some prog-rock heady diva, not at all.

He’s pleasant, well mannered, assertive yet soft spoken. It wasn’t like meeting mall Santa when you’re 7 and realizing he’s a dick and has an alcohol problem.

It was like having a nice conversation with a nice person.

________________________________________________________ I wanted to ask you a little bit about your upbringing, going from Puerto Rico to El Paso. My upbringing, in reference to our culture, was 100 percent Latin.The inaugural recording from Rodriguez Lopez’s low-profile compound in Zapopan, Mexico, Xenophanes is the first album which finds him at the helm vocally and lyrically, as well as musically.Sung entirely in Spanish, Xenophanes showcases a side of Omar rarely seen before, allowing for a much more gestural experience of the man rather than simply the musician, and truly distinguishing this album from its myriad predecessors. Perder El Arte De La Razón Sin Mover Un Sólo Dedo 10. b) Maria Celeste Fore more on Omar Rodriguez Lopez see our exclusive feature interview, Genius Set Free.As Sariñana’s presence on Omar’s recordings and during live performances has already been a cause for much speculation, it should be made clear that Xenophanes does not feature the accomplished and versatile singer’s own vocal compostions. Subsequent releases (the forthcoming Los Suenos De Un Hidago and Ciencia De Los Inutiles albums, for instance) will fully showcase Sariñana’s penchant for infectious melody and engaging lyrics.

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