Xbmc updating to frodo

tid=140518&pid=1246709#pid1246709 Note for 512MB Raspberry: If you have a 512MB Raspberry with a previous Open ELEC version installed, you should restart with a fresh install.

XBMC can be used to play almost all popular audio and video formats around.title=Building_and_Installing_Open ELEC_for_Raspberry_Pi Open ELEC Forum for Raspberry Pi: If you have any issue, this is the place to go! Official XBMC Website and Forum: e full description of available advanced values for Raspberry Pi: First thing, if you don't already have one, i would recommend you to get a "Class 10" SDHC Card, XBMC will be much more powerful on such cards.12/03/2012 - Rpi 512MB update / Recommended Build 13/11/2012 - Overclock corruption workarounds, Last build test, note about missing videos when used as client of main XBMC 23/10/2012 - Image builds location changed / Add link to upgrade script as alternative 10/15/2012 - Recommended "stable" build 11/09/2012 - Update Backup & Restore 10/09/2012 - Update issue amendment 09/29/2012 - Add Verified Wireless section 09/28/2012 - Add a conservative mode in case of constant corruption 09/26/2012 - Turbo Mode data corruption workaround 09/24/2012 - New Turbo mode 09/21/2012 - Add memorandum section 09/21/2012 - Fit to screen correction and turbo mode announcement 09/20/2012 - Fit to screen section 09/19/2012 - Add backup / restore section 09/18/2012 - Add upgrade section - Add recommended themes 09/16/2012 - First version Get a fully functional XBMC Media Center on Raspberry Pi !The Raspberry Pi is a very cheap and interesting small computer created by the Raspberry foundation for educational purposes.

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