Women who like dating crossdressers

Billy Tipton was a jazz pianist and saxophonist during the Great Depression.He was born Dorothy Lucille Tipton in 1914, but began living as a man in the 1930s.

Many societies prohibited women from performing on stage, so boys and men took the female roles.She nonetheless survived, and there was a huge scandal afterwards, specially since as a man she had become quite famous in the Americas, and because nobody had ever suspected anything about her true sex.Nevertheless, thanks to the scandal and her fame as a brave soldier, she became a celebrity.Hyde was an unpopular figure, and rumors of his cross-dressing may have begun as an urban legend.Because female enlistment was barred, many women fought for both the Union and the Confederacy during the American Civil War while dressed as men.

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She was said to behave as an extremely bold soldier, although she had a successful career, reaching the rank of alférez (lieutenant) and becoming quite well known in the Americas.

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