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She asks Mark to describe the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and the luteinizing hormone (LH). FSH and LH are released from the anterior pituitary gland. FSH and LH are secreted by the corpus luteum of the ovary c. FSH and LH stimulate the formation of milk during pregnancy. A nurse is describing the process of fetal circulation to a client during a prenatal visit. Which statement if made by one of the clients indicates a need for further instructions? A homecare nurse visits a pregnant client who has a diagnosis of mild Preeclampsia and who is being monitored for pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH). “I need to avoid exercise because of the negative effects of insulin production.” d. A nurse is monitoring a pregnant client with pregnancy induced hypertension who is at risk for Preeclampsia.

The nurse accurately tells the client that fetal circulation consists of: a. Which assessment finding indicates a worsening of the Preeclampsia and the need to notify the physician? Blood pressure reading is at the prenatal baseline b. The client complains of a headache and blurred vision d. A nurse implements a teaching plan for a pregnant client who is newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes. “I need to be aware of any infections and report signs of infection immediately to my health care provider.” 18. The nurse checks the client for which specific signs of Preeclampsia (select all that apply)?

The client tells a nurse that the first day of her last menstrual period was September 19th, 2005. The nurse would document the GTPAL for this client as: a. “I will avoid sexual intercourse until the bleeding has stopped, and for 2 weeks following the last evidence of bleeding.” c.

A client arrives at a prenatal clinic for the first prenatal assessment. The client has a healthy 5-year old child that was delivered at 37 weeks and tells the nurse that she doesn’t have any history of abortion or fetal demise. Which statement, if made by the client, indicates a need for further education? “I will maintain strict bedrest throughout the remainder of pregnancy.” b. A nurse determines the client is experiencing toxicity from the medication if which of the following is noted on assessment?

A nurse is performing an assessment of a primapira who is being evaluated in a clinic during her second trimester of pregnancy. A nurse midwife is performing an assessment of a pregnant client and is assessing the client for the presence of ballottement. Any bleeding, such as in the gums, petechiae, and purpura. Complaints of feeling hot when the room is cool 14. The nurse assigned to care for the client determines that the magnesium therapy is effective if: a. Make certain the client does not receive Rho GAM, since the gestation only lasted 12 weeks.

“It is the thinning of the lower uterine segment.” 9. A nurse monitors for complications associated with the diagnosis and assesses the client for: a. Periods of fetal movement followed by quiet periods d. A woman with preeclampsia is receiving magnesium sulfate. Not give Rho GAM, since it is not used with the birth of a stillborn d.

Which assessment finding would be of most concern to the nurse? Urinary output of 20 ml since the previous assessment b.

Mental health professionals commonly encourage people in therapy to use “I” statements when communicating with others.

This technique is particularly common in marital counseling, as couples often get trapped in a potentially vicious cycle of perpetual blame without ever addressing the underlying feelings or attachment issues that may be leading to conflict.

“I” statements are often also effective in family counseling because they focus on the effects of a child or parent’s actions rather than on the action itself.

It may be easier for family members to communicate when an action is not singled out for blame, and young adults and adolescents in particular may be more receptive to hearing how their actions have affected others when the language used is not accusatory.

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