Validating citizen watch

The network’s primary goal is to monitor and transmit automated flooding alerts in real time when inundation occurs [8,9] However, an additional function of these sensors is the integration with federal sensor data from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the US Geological Survey (USGS) to validate and improve the Virginia Institute of Marine Science’s (VIMS) flood forecast models [7,8,9].or remote water level observing systems, these factors can limit sensor density when even finer scale data are needed, and therefore impede these systems’ ability to accurately monitor fine-scale environmental conditions [8,10].This chronic flooding fatigue can make it easy to forget that intermittent tidal flooding events cost cities and their residents time and money [30,31].Of these tidal inundation events, the highest astronomical tide of the year has become known as the king tide [20].Tidewatch Maps, developed by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), is an effective example of an emerging street-level inundation mapping tool.

While the latter approach affords confidence for model validation through a trusted agency for superior accuracy, the former possesses a greater capacity to document everywhere flooding occurs, with the inherent risk of potentially less accurate validation data.

Yet, over time, these data sets can even become their own autonomous data-driven flood prediction models via sea level trend extrapolation when combined with Digital Elevation Models (DEM) [16].

Thus, high-resolution street-scale hydrodynamic models have recently found a new way to validate their predictions, and a cost-effective method for correcting erroneous elevation assumptions from aerial lidar surveys.

Thus, flood-observing mobile applications, like “My Coast” [19] and “Sea Level Rise” [12], or crowdsourcing web data geo-forms, like those implemented at the state [20,21], country [22,23], and international level [24], have emerged for myriad resiliency purposes.

Typically, these applications exist to verify claims of flooding, validate flood forecast models, or inform long-term flood planning efforts [19,20,21,22,23,24].

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