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Let us go over my conversation – you may find it interesting. DJ: Pinal, can we delete multiple table in a single statement or with single delete statement? DJ: Oh okey, if that is the case, why do you suggest to do that? I am rather suggesting that it is not possible and it should not be possible. but in that case why did you blog about it earlier? If there primary keys get deleted the update or delete reflects on the foreign key table to maintain the key integrity and data consistency.

You might wonder why on earth you’d want to make multiple updates in a single query.

Here’s an example that might not be so obvious: Let’s say you want to make a page view counter for your shop, but you want to implement caching for your pages and running an SQL UPDATE query for each page is out of the question.

Customer Sales_Retail is a local table (target table - contains the data I wanted to update). Sales Date Query 3: Here is another way of doing the same thing as Query 2, but here in the sub-query it uses IN rather than INNER JOIN. Sales Date To fix the problem, I had to split my original update query into two queries.

Source table: Customer Sales (this is a linked table in Access) Target table: Customer Sales_Retail (this is an Access local table) What we want to do is to change Sales Date value in the Customer Sales_Retail table to new sales date stored in the linked table. It's less efficient than using inner join because join can take advantage of the index on the join column if it exists. The first one is a make-table query and the other one is a cross-table update query.

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