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I've no doubt that anyone working in an office environment is going to make great use of these applications.

As noted, little has changed in terms of the apps from the previous version of Office, and the iterative changes promised over the next few years will likely not make any major changes.

If you need to stay in touch during the editing process, Skype will handle both IM and video calling functions.

I would definitely recommend you use the cloud as much as possible.But I don't have days, I have a thousand or so words. The jokey answer is 'near the end', so let's do just that.Office 2016 is an iterative update to Microsoft's dominant position in the productivity suites.They are great for quick edits and just getting ideas down without all of the power and complexity the larger apps offer.Mobility is a key part of the value of Office, and the clients for your mobile devices, be it smartphone, phablet, tablet, or ultraportable - all help that mission goal. The default option, and the one that provides the most flexibility, is to save your documents to the cloud (Microsoft One Drive).

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