Updating lobs using oraclecommand and oracleparameter

Rows) { //do work table_name = fieldtable["table_name"]. Open(); //prepare sql to be passed to oracle string Update Ora SQL = "UPDATE " table_name " set :field_name = :field_name - (:mark_diff_oracle) where id = ':id' and :field_name is not null;"; Message Box.

Binary Float); Oracle Parameter well Id Parameter = new Oracle Parameter("id", Oracle Db Type. Size = 10; //create oracle connection and open Oracle Connection Orcl Con2 = new Oracle Connection("Data Source=" dbname "; User Id=" userid "; Password=" password1 ";"); Orcl Con2.

How to insert CLOB field in Oracle using C# Is it possible to do this through a prepared query? Execute Non Query(); // this line throws an exception Edit: My answer below applies for typical use of Clobs where the size is greater than 32k (what they were designed for). I did not find the method as was stated in the previous post.Mind you I am using a query object that I am passing the values around with. Query: I have also found the following description, but I would really want to be able to keep the prepared query. Note that we are not using the default oracle client as we require bulk insertion. NET Framework version are unfortunately a hard requirement and we may not change that.

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