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Screen Time doesn’t just give you data on how you use your phone, though — it gives you tools to manage that use.

You’ll be able to institute daily time limits that will eventually block you from using apps if you reach your quota, or schedule “Downtime” that only lets you use a few, whitelisted apps.

It’s overall much better than it was, but Apple still has a ways to go compared to Google’s easier-to-manage notifications in Android.

This idea of rethinking And there’s no more clear place that this philosophy can be seen than with Screen Time, probably the biggest new feature introduced in i OS 12.

It’s a new dashboard that Apple is adding to the Settings menu, which gives you a whole bunch of really granular details on exactly how much time you spend on your phone or tablet, and which apps you’re spending it on.

Installing i OS 12, for the first time I can remember, has made my i Phone and i Pad feel faster and more stable, not less.

In weeks of testing (both on the public beta and Apple’s finalized software), my year-old i Phone X flies through tasks.

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