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Gen 129a i Pad 129c i Phone 4(CDMA) 129e i Pod Touch 4. 1483 PV8630 interface (scanners, webcams) 05cc ELSA AG 2100 Micro Link ISDN Office 2219 Micro Link ISDN 2265 Micro Link 56k 2267 Micro Link 56k (V.250) 2280 Micro Link 56k Fun 3000 Micolink USB2Ethernet [pegasus] 3100 Air Lancer USB-11 3363 Micro Link ADSL Fun 05cd Silicom, Ltd 05ce sci-worx Gmb H 05cf Sung Forn Co., Ltd 05d0 GE Medical Systems Lunar 05d1 Brainboxes, Ltd 0003 Bluetooth Adapter BL-554 05d2 Wave Systems Corp. GTouch Touch Screen 0665 Cypress Semiconductor 5161 USB to Serial 0667 Aiwa Co., Ltd 0fa1 TD-U8000 Tape Drive 0668 Word Wand 0669 Oce' Printing Systems Gmb H 066a Total Technologies, Ltd 066b Linksys, Inc. 003b MP3 Player 003e MP3 Player 003f MP3 Player 0040 MP3 Player 0041 MP3 Player 0042 MP3 Player 0043 MP3 Player 004b A-Max PA11 MP3 Player 3400 STMP3400 D-Major MP3 Player 3410 STMP3410 D-Major MP3 Player 3500 Player Recovery Device 3780 STMP3780/i.

050d Belkin Components 0004 Direct Connect 0012 F8T012 Bluetooth Adapter 0013 F8T013 Bluetooth Adapter 0017 B8T017 Bluetooth EDR 2.1 / F4U017 USB 2.0 7-port Hub 003a Universal Media Reader 0050 F5D6050 802.11b Wireless Adapter v2000 [Atmel at76c503a] 0081 F8T001v2 Bluetooth 0083 Bluetooth Device 0084 F8T003v2 Bluetooth 0102 Flip KVM 0103 F5U103 Serial Adapter [etek] 0106 Video Bus II Adapter, Video 0108 F1DE108B KVM 0109 F5U109/F5U409 PDA Adapter 0115 SCSI Adapter 0119 F5U120-PC Dual PS/2 Ports / F5U118-UNV ADB Adapter 0121 F5D5050 100Mbps Ethernet 0122 Ethernet Adapter 0131 Bluetooth Device with trace filter 016a Bluetooth Mini Dongle 0200 Nostromo Speed Pad n52te Gaming Keyboard 0201 Peripheral Switch 0208 USBView II Video Adapter [nt1004] 0210 F5U228 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 DVD Creator 0211 F5U211 USB 2.0 15-in-1 Media Reader & Writer 0224 F5U224 USB 2.0 4-Port Hub 0234 F5U234 USB 2.0 4-Port Hub 0237 F5U237 USB 2.0 7-Port Hub 0240 F5U240 USB 2.0 CF Card Reader 0249 USB 2 Flash Media Device 0257 F5U257 Serial 0304 FSU304 USB 2.0 - 4 Ports Hub 0307 USB 2.0 - 7 ports Hub [FSU307] 0409 F5U409 Serial 0416 Staples 12416 7 port desktop hub 0551 F6C550-AVR UPS 065a F8T065BF Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter 0706 2-N-1 7-Port Hub (Lower half) 0802 Nostromo n40 Gamepad 0803 Nostromo 1745 Game Pad 0805 Nostromo N50 Game Pad 0815 Nostromo n52 HID Speed Pad Mouse Wheel 0826 Ergo Fit Wireless Optical Mouse (HID) 0980 HID UPS Battery 1004 F9L1004 802.11n Surf N300 XR Wireless Adapter [Realtek RTL8192CU] 1102 F7D1102 N150/Surf Micro Wireless Adapter v1000 [Realtek RTL8188CUS] 1103 F9L1103 N750 DB 802.11abgn 2x3:3 [Ralink RT3573] 1106 F9L1106v1 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wireless Adapter [Broadcom BCM43526] 1109 F9L1109v1 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wireless Adapter [Realtek RTL8812AU] 110a F9L1101v2 802.11abgn Wireless Adapter [Realtek RTL8192DU] 11f2 ISY Wireless Micro Adapter IWL 2000 [RTL8188CUS] 1202 F5U120-PC Parallel Printer Port 1203 F5U120-PC Serial Port 2103 F7D2102 802.11n N300 Micro Wireless Adapter v3000 [Realtek RTL8192CU] 21f1 N300 WLAN N Adapter [ISY] 21f2 RTL8192CU 802.11n WLAN Adapter [ISY IWL 4000] 258a F5U258 Host to Host cable 3101 F1DF102U/F1DG102U Flip Hub 3201 F1DF102U/F1DG102U Flip KVM 4050 ZD1211B 5055 F5D5055 Gigabit Network Adapter [AX88xxx] 6050 F6D6050 802.11abgn Wireless Adapter [Broadcom BCM4323] 6051 F5D6051 802.11b Wireless Network Adapter [Zy DAS ZD1201] 615a F7D4101 / F9L1101v1 802.11abgn Wireless Adapter [Broadcom BCM4323] 7050 F5D7050 Wireless G Adapter v1000/v2000 [Intersil ISL3887] 7051 F5D7051 802.11g Adapter v1000 [Broadcom 4320 USB] 705a F5D7050 Wireless G Adapter v3000 [Ralink RT2571W] 705b Wireless G Adapter 705c F5D7050 Wireless G Adapter v4000 [Zydas ZD1211B] 705e F5D7050 Wireless G Adapter v5000 [Realtek RTL8187B] 706a 2-N-1 7-Port Hub (Upper half) 8053 F5D8053 N Wireless USB Adapter v1000/v4000 [Ralink RT2870] 805c F5D8053 N Wireless Adapter v3000 [Ralink RT2870] 805e F5D8053 N Wireless USB Adapter v5000 [Realtek RTL8192U] 815c F5D8053 N Wireless USB Adapter v3000 [Ralink RT2870] 815f F5D8053 N Wireless USB Adapter v6000 [Realtek RTL8192SU] 825a F5D8055 N Wireless Adapter v1000 [Ralink RT2870] 825b F5D8055 N Wireless Adapter v2000 [Ralink RT3072] 845a F7D2101 802.11n Surf & Share Wireless Adapter v1000 [Realtek RTL8192SU] 905b F5D9050 Wireless G MIMO Network Adapter v3000 [Ralink RT2573] 905c F5D9050 Wireless G MIMO Network Adapter v4000 [Ralink RT2573] 935a F6D4050 N150 Enhanced Wireless Network Adapter v1000 [Ralink RT3070] 935b F6D4050 N150 Enhanced Wireless Network Adapter v2000 [Ralink RT3070] 945a F7D1101 v1 Basic Wireless Adapter [Realtek RTL8188SU] 945b F7D1101 v2 Basic Wireless Adapter [Ralink RT3370] d321 Dynex DX-NUSB 802.11bgn Wireless Adapter [Broadcom BCM43231] 050e Neon Technology, Inc. 00 KC82C160S Hub 0180 KC-180 Ir DA Dongle 0190 KC2190 USB Host-to-Host cable 0510 Sejin Electron, Inc. 0514 FCI Electronics 0515 ACTC 0516 Longwell Electronics 0517 Butterfly Communications 0518 Ez KEY Corp. 0daf PDC 2300Z 1bed PDC 1320 Camera 3097 PDC 310 31 Camera 3187 Digital Camera 3191 Ion 80 Camera 32 Camera 3304 a500 Digital Camera dccf Sound Vision Stream Driver 0547 Anchor Chips, Inc. 054f WYSE Technology Taiwan 0550 Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd 0002 Ink Jet Color Printer 0004 Ink Jet Color Printer 0005 Ink Jet Color Printer 000b Workcentre 24 014e CM215b Printer 0165 Docu Print M215b 0551 Compu Trend Systems, Inc. 0001 Keyboard 0bb1 Bluetooth Device 1030 Optical Wheel Mouse (OMS3CB/OMGB30) 1031 Optical Wheel Mouse (OMA3CB/OMGI30) 1040 Mouse HID Device 1050 E-Mail Optical Wheel Mouse (OMS3CE) 1080 Optical Wheel Mouse (OMS3CH) 2020 Floppy Disk Drive 6780 Keyboard V1 6781 Keyboard Mouse 8001 E. Hub 9000 Any Cam [pwc] 9001 MPC-C30 Any Cam Premium for Notebooks [pwc] a000 SWL-2100U a010 WLAN Adapter(SWL-2300) a011 Boot Device a012 WLAN Adapter(SWL-2300) a013 WLAN Adapter(SWL-2350) a230 Boot Device b000 11Mbps WLAN Mini Adapter b230 Netopia 802.11b WLAN Adapter b231 LG Wireless LAN 11b Adapter 055e CTX Opto-Electronics Corp. 0001 Scan Express 1200 CU 0002 Scan Express 600 CU 0003 Scan Express 12 Scan Express 1200 UB 0007 Scan Express 1200 USB Plus 0008 Scan Express 1200 CU Plus 0010 Bear Paw 1200F 0210 Scan Express A Bear Paw 2400 TA 0219 Bear Paw 2400 TA Plus 021a Bear Paw 2448 TA Plus 021b Bear Paw 1200 CU Plus 021c Bear Paw 1200 CU Plus 021d Bear Paw 2400 CU Plus 021e Bear Paw 1200 TA/CS 021f SNAPSCAN e22 0400 Bear Paw 2400 TA Pro 0401 P 3600 A Bear Paw 2448 CU Pro 0409 Bear Paw 2448 TA Pro 040b Scan Express A PRO 0501 Scan Express A3 24 Scan Express 6 Bear Paw 4800 TA Pro a350 g Smart 350 Camera a800 MDC 800 Camera b5 Camera c005 PC CAM 300A c200 g Smart 300 c211 Kowa Bs888e Microcamera c220 g Smart mini c230 Digicam 330K c232 MDC3500 Camera c360 DV 4000 Camera c420 g Smart mini 2 Camera c430 g Smart LCD 2 Camera c440 DV 3000 Camera c520 g Smart mini 3 Camera c530 g Smart LCD 2 Camera c540 g Smart D30 Camera c6 Camera c6 Camera c6Z Camera d001 WCam 300 d003 WCam 300A d004 WCam 300AN 0560 Interface Corp. 0001 Serial Port [etek] 0002 Enet Ethernet [klsi] 0003 @Home Networks Ethernet [klsi] 0005 Enet2 Ethernet [klsi] 0041 Peracom Remote NDIS Ethernet Adapter 0566 Monterey International Corp. Pro (PAL) 4550 ZTV ZT-721 2.4GHz A/V Receiver 4551 Dazzle TV! 5001 Huey PRO Colorimeter 5010 X-Rite Pantone Color Sensor 5020 i1 Display Pro 6003 Color Munki Smile d094 X-Rite DTP94 [Quato Silver Haze Pro] 0766 Jess-Link Products Co., Ltd 001b Packard Bell Go 0204 Top Speed Cyberlink Remote Control 0767 Tokheim Corp. 0006 Camtel Technology USB TV Genie Pro FM Model TVB330 0023 e Home Infrared Receiver 0769 Surecom Technology Corp.

A) (no firmware) [Atheros AR5523] 3a09 DWA-160 802.11abgn Xtreme N Dual Band Adapter(rev.

A2) [Atheros AR9170 AR9104] 3a0d DWA-120 802.11g Wireless 108G Adapter [Atheros AR5523] 3a0f DWA-130 802.11n Wireless N Adapter(rev.

100d RFMD Bluetooth Device 1080 NET1080 USB-USB Bridge 1200 SSDC Adapter II 1265 File-backed Storage Gadget 3424 Lumidigm Venus fingerprint sensor a0f0 Cambridge Electronic Devices Power1401 mk 2 a140 USB Clik! 7561 TV Wonder 7562 TV Wonder, Edition (FN5) 7563 TV Wonder, Edition (FI) 7564 TV Wonder, Edition (FQ) 7565 TV Wonder, Edition (NTSC ) 7566 TV Wonder, Edition (FN5) 7567 TV Wonder, Edition (FI) 7568 TV Wonder, Edition (FQ) 7569 Live! Pro Audio (O) 0529 Aladdin Knowledge Systems 0001 HASP copy protection dongle 030b e Token R1 v3.1.3.x 0313 e Token R1 v3.2.3.x 031b e Token R1 v3.3.3.x 0323 e Token R1 v3.4.3.x 0412 e Token R2 v2.2.4.x 041a e Token R2 v2.2.4.x 0422 e Token R2 v2.4.4.x 042a e Token R2 v2.5.4.x 050c e Token Pro v4.1.5.x 0514 e Token Pro v4.2.5.4 0600 e Token Pro 64k (4.2) 0620 Token JC 052a Crescent Heart Software 052b Tekom Technologies, Inc. SYS) 2810 Cypress ATAPI Bridge 4018 Am Scope MU1803 4d90 Am Scope MD1900 camera 6010 Am Scope MU1000 camera 6510 Touptek UCMOS05100KPA 7000 Power Spec MCE460 Front Panel LED Display 7777 Bluetooth Device 9999 AN2131 uninitialized (? 1005 EZ Cart II Game Boy Flash Programmer 0549 Pixera Corp. 00 Monitor 0002 HID Monitor Controls 0003 Device Bay Controller 056e Elecom Co., Ltd 0002 29UO Mouse 0057 M-PGDL Mouse 0072 Mouse 200c LD-USB/TX 4002 Laneed 100Mbps Ethernet LD-USB/TX [pegasus] 4005 LD-USBL/TX 400b LD-USB/TX 4010 LD-USB20 5003 UC-SGT 5004 UC-SGT 6008 Flash Disk abc1 LD-USB/TX 056f Korea Data Systems Co., Ltd cd00 CDM-751 CD organizer 0570 Epson America 0571 Interex, Inc. 076e Kuan Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd 076f Jhen Vei Electronic Co., Ltd 0770 Welch Allyn, Inc - Medical Division 0771 Observator Instruments BV 4455 OMC45III ae0f OMC45III 0772 Your data Our Care 0774 Am TRAN Technology Co., Ltd 0775 Longshine Electronics Corp. 0780 Sagem Monetel Gmb H 1202 ORGA 900 Smart Card Terminal Virtual Com Port 1302 ORGA 6000 Smart Card Terminal Virtual Com Port 1303 ORGA 6000 Smart Card Terminal USB RNDIS df55 ORGA 900/6000 Smart Card Terminal DFU 0781 San Disk Corp.

40 a141 (OME) Pocket Zip 40 MP3 Player Driver a220 GVC Bluetooth Wireless Adapter a4a0 Linux-USB "Gadget Zero" a4a1 Linux-USB Ethernet Gadget a4a2 Linux-USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget a4a3 Linux-USB user-mode isochronous source/sink a4a4 Linux-USB user-mode bulk source/sink a4a5 Pocketbook Pro 903 / Mobius 2 Action Cam a4a6 Linux-USB Serial Gadget a4a7 Linux-USB Serial Gadget (CDC ACM mode) a4a8 Linux-USB Printer Gadget a4a9 Linux-USB OBEX Gadget a4aa Linux-USB CDC Composite Gadge (Ethernet and ACM) 0526 Temic MHS S. 0102 Ca508A HP1020 Camera v. 0801 Yakumo Mega Image 37 1512 Yakumo Mega Image IV 1513 Aosta CX100 Webcam 1514 Aosta CX100 Webcam Storage 1905 Yakumo Mega Image 47 1911 Yakumo Mega Image 47 SL 2202 WDM Still Image Capture 2203 Sound Vision Stream Driver 3a06 Digi Life DDV-5120A d001 P35U Camera Capture 052c Canon Information Systems, Inc. 0002 echo FX Inter View Lite 0572 Conexant Systems (Rockwell), Inc. 0001 SDDR-05a Image Mate Compact Flash Reader 0002 SDDR-31 Image Mate II Compact Flash Reader 0005 SDDR-05b (CF II) Image Mate Compact Flash Reader 0100 Image Mate SDDR-12 0200 SDDR-09 (SSFDC) Image Mate Smart Media Reader [eusb] 0400 Secure Mate SD/MMC Reader 0621 SDDR-86 Imagemate 6-in-1 Reader 0720 Sansa C200 series in recovery mode 0729 Sansa E200 series in recovery mode 0810 SDDR-75 Image Mate CF-SM Reader 0830 Image Mate CF/MMC/SD Reader 1234 Cruzer Mini Flash Drive 5150 SDCZ2 Cruzer Mini Flash Drive (thin) 5151 Cruzer Micro Flash Drive 5153 Cruzer Flash Drive 5204 Cruzer Crossfire 5402 U3 Cruzer Micro 5406 Cruzer Micro U3 5408 Cruzer Titanium U3 540e Cruzer Contour Flash Drive 5530 Cruzer 5567 Cruzer Blade 556b Cruzer Edge 556c Ultra 556d Memory Vault 5571 Cruzer Fit 5575 Cruzer Glide 5576 Cruzer Facet 5577 Cruzer Pop (8GB) 557d Cruzer Force (64GB) 5580 SDCZ80 Flash Drive 5581 Ultra 5583 Ultra Fit 5590 Ultra Dual 5591 Ultra Flair 5e10 Encrypted 6100 Ultra II SD Plus 2GB 7100 Cruzer Mini 7101 Pen Flash 7102 Cruzer Mini 7103 Cruzer Mini 7104 Cruzer Micro Mini 256MB Flash Drive 7105 Cruzer Mini 7106 Cruzer Mini 7112 Cruzer Micro 128MB Flash Drive 7113 Cruzer Micro 256MB Flash Drive 7114 Cruzer Mini 7115 Cruzer Mini 7301 Sansa e100 series (mtp) 7302 Sansa e100 series (msc) 7400 Sansa M200 series (mtp) 7401 Sansa M200 series (msc) 7420 Sansa E200 series (mtp) 7421 Sansa E200 Series (msc) 7422 Sansa E200 series v2 (mtp) 7423 Sansa E200 series v2 (msc) 7430 Sansa M200 series 7431 Sansa M200 series V4 (msc) 7432 Sansa Clip (mtp) 7433 Sansa Clip (msc) 7434 Sansa Clip V2 (mtp) 7435 Sansa Clip V2 (msc) 7450 Sansa C250 7451 Sansa C240 7460 Sansa Express 7480 Sansa Connect 7481 Sansa Connect (in recovery mode) 74b0 Sansa View (msc) 74b1 Sansa View (mtp) 74c0 Sansa Fuze (mtp) 74c1 Sansa Fuze (msc) 74c2 Sansa Fuze V2 (mtp) 74c3 Sansa Fuze V2 (msc) 74d0 Sansa Clip (mtp) 74d1 Sansa Clip (msc) 74e5 Sansa Clip Zip 8181 Pen Flash 8183 Hi-Speed Mass Storage Device 8185 SDCZ2 Cruzer Mini Flash Drive (older, thick) 8888 Card Reader 8889 SDDR-88 Imagemate 8-in-1 Reader 8919 Card Reader 8989 Image Mate 12-in-1 Reader 9191 Image Mate CF 9219 Card Reader 9292 Image Mate CF Reader/Writer 9393 Image Mate SD-MMC 9595 Image Mate x D-SM 9797 Image Mate MS-PRO 9919 Card Reader 9999 SDDR-99 5-in-1 Reader a7c1 Storage device (SD card reader) a7e8 SDDR-113 Micro Mate SDHC Reader b2b3 SDDR-103 Mobile Mate SD Reader b4b5 SDDR-89 V4 Image Mate 12-in-1 Reader b6ba CF SDDR-289 0782 Trackerball 0783 C3PO 0003 LTC31 Smart Card Reader 0006 LTC31v2 0009 KBR36 0010 LTC32 0784 Vivitar, Inc. 07c2 AN986A Ethernet 0986 AN986 Pegasus Ethernet 8266 Infineon Wild Card-USB Wireless LAN Adapter 8511 ADM8511 Pegasus II Ethernet 8513 AN8513 Ethernet 8515 AN8515 Ethernet 07aa Corega K. 0001 Ether USB-T Ethernet [klsi] 0004 FEther USB-TX Ethernet [pegasus] 000c Wireless LAN USB-11 000d FEther USB-TXS 0011 Wireless LAN USB-11 mini 0012 Stick-11 802.11b Adapter 0017 FEther USB2-TX 0018 Wireless LAN USB-11 mini 2 001a ULUSB-11 Key 001c CG-WLUSB2GT 802.11g Wireless Adapter [Intersil ISL3880] 0020 CG-WLUSB2GTST 802.11g Wireless Adapter [Intersil ISL3887] 002e CG-WLUSB2GPX [Ralink RT2571W] 002f CG-WLUSB2GNL 0031 CG-WLUSB2GS 802.11bg [Atheros AR5523] 003c CG-WLUSB2GNL 003f CG-WLUSB300AGN 0041 CG-WLUSB300GNS 0042 CG-WLUSB300GNM 0043 CG-WLUSB300N rev A2 [Realtek RTL8192U] 0047 CG-WLUSBNM 0051 CG-WLUSB300NM 7613 Stick-11 V2 802.11b Adapter 9601 FEther USB-TXC 07ab Freecom Technologies fc01 IDE bridge fc02 Cable II USB-2 fc03 USB2-IDE IDE bridge fcd6 Freecom HD Classic fcf6 Data Bar fcf8 Freecom Classic SL Network Drive fcfe Hard Drive 80GB 07af Microtech 0004 SCSI-DB25 SCSI Bridge [shuttle] 0005 SCSI-HD50 SCSI Bridge [shuttle] 0006 Camera Mate Smart Media and Compact Flash Card Reader [eusb/shuttle] fc01 Freecom USB-IDE 07b0 Trust Technologies 0001 ISDN TA 0002 ISDN TA128 Plus 0003 ISDN TA128 Deluxe 0005 ISDN TA128 SE 0006 ISDN TA 128 [HFC-S] 0007 ISDN TA [HFC-S] 0008 ISDN TA 07b1 IMP, Inc. 0100 SURFboard Voice over IP Cable Modem 0900 SURFboard Gateway 0950 SURFboard SBG950 Gateway 1000 SURFboard SBG1000 Gateway 4100 Surf Board SB4100 Cable Modem 4200 Surf Board SB4200 Cable Modem 4210 Surf Board 4210 Cable Modem 4220 SURFboard SB4220 Cable Modem 4500 CG4500 Communications Gateway 450b CG4501 Communications Gateway 450e CG4500E Communications Gateway 5100 Surf Board SB5100 Cable Modem 5101 Surf Board SB5101 Cable Modem 5120 Surf Board SB5120 Cable Modem (RNDIS) 5121 Surfboard 5121 Cable Modem 7030 WU830G 802.11bg Wireless Adapter [Envara Wi ND512] 07b3 Plustek, Inc.

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0790 Pro-Image Manufacturing Co., Ltd 0791 Copartner Wire and Cable Mfg. 0792 Axis Communications AB 0793 Wha Yu Industrial Co., Ltd 0794 ABL Electronics Corp. 0002 Bodega Wireless Access Point 0003 Bodega Wireless Network Adapter 07c7 Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd 07c8 B. 0002 AVer TV PVR USB/EZMaker Pro Device 0026 AVer TV 0337 A867 DVB-T dongle 0837 H837 Hybrid ATSC/QAM 1228 MPEG-2 Capture Device (M038) 1830 AVer TV Volar Video Capture (H830) 3835 AVer TV Volar Green HD (A835B) 850a Aver TV Volar Black HD (A850) 850b Aver TV Red HD (A850T) a309 AVer TV DVB-T (A309) a801 AVer TV DVB-T (A800) a815 AVer TV DVB-T Volar X (A815) a827 AVer TV Hybrid Volar HX (A827) a867 AVer TV DVB-T (A867) b300 A300 DVB-T TV receiver b800 MR800 FM Radio e880 MPEG-2 Capture Device (E880) e882 MPEG-2 Capture Device (E882) 07cb Kingmax Technology, Inc.

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