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Thousands of exciting new members and profiles signing up every day. Over 1,500 events and parties scheduled nearly every weekend! 3some adult swingers anal sex BDSM bisexual california swingers couple swapping cuckold cuckolding dating sites florida swingers group sex hotwife hotwifing lifestyle lifestyle blog lifestyle couples lifestyle website news open marriage partner swapping sex swing swinger swinger club swinger couple swinger couples swinger party swingers swingers club swingers cruise swingers dating swingers lifestyle swingers party swingers website swinging swinging blog swinging couples swinging lifestyle swing lifestyle swinglifestyle the lifestyle threesome threesomes wife swap It’s that time of the year again and the time to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.Not that this is the fault of Swing Life Style.com, but it’s possible that they aren’t marketing aggressively enough to that portion of the community.

If it could be cleaned up, tidied up, and made a bit more presentable, and if customer service would ever give us the time of day, we’d definitely be willing to give it one more shot…but not until then. As it is, this site isn’t as good as we wanted it to be, and we did want Swing Life to be a good website.

They need a lot more people working in the back end, but by and large the site functioned pretty well, when it was functioning.

We did have a lot of downtime where the site was unusable, which really did color our opinion of whether or not it was a good choice.

But beyond that I thought I would take time to write a serious blog instead of the one I wrote last year, What Do Thanksgiving & Swinger Wives Have In Common? I want to take the time to let all the swingers out there know to be careful on Thanksgiving.

If you live up north, the roads tend to be icy so please be careful.

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