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Roslyn Corney wrote the project proposal, received the funding, conducted the interviews, was involved in the data analysis, jointly wrote the final report, and wrote the paper.Janette Davis was involved in the data analysis and jointly wrote the report for RGF on which this article was based.Roslyn Corney is currently Professor of Psychology at the University of Greenwich.

Frequent gamblers saw Internet gambling as a fun and social activity.

Janette Davis (BSc Hons Psychology) is a BPS registered psychologist and is completing her doctorate in Internet gambling at the University of Greenwich.

Her interests are in Internet gambling and the role of gender and type of game played.

Motivations for male problem gamblers are seen as being more associated with the enjoyment of the game itself, the sensory stimulation it produces, its excitement and arousal, and the possibilities of winning ( Participants, aged over 18 years, were recruited from a range of nationwide sources: special interest groups within Facebook, the Gam Care Web site, membership of Gamblers Anonymous, university contacts and e-mail lists, and self-exclusion organisations.

This wide range gave the study the advantage of being able to compare the experiences and views of frequent Internet gamblers with problem or ex-problem Internet gamblers.

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For example, the UK prevalence survey found that the rate of problem gambling was 1% for men and 0.1% for women.

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