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It felt to me like a love story, as hard as it was to grapple with, and I had never seen one that was so unconventional.

Both people were affected by their upbringing with an absent father figure, and it has caused them to feel lost.

They may be different ages, but they both are in search of love.

The alienation that they feel is causing them to drift from society, and their bond just kind of spoke to me.

Her parents were really incredible too, and they were the reason why she made the film. Oona was originally not going to be able to make our audition.

If I judge him morally from my experience, then there’s no question that what he’s doing is totally wrong and f—ked up.

Bonnie and I talked a bunch about the scene where David puts the penny on Tommie’s forehead, and says that the age of the penny matches his own, when in actuality, he’s aging himself by fifteen years.

He truly believed that he was much older, and that reflects the depths of his psychological damage.

There are occasional shades of “Paper Moon” in David’s scenes with the girl, Tommie, played by Oona Laurence in what is surely one of the greatest child performances in cinema history, ranking right alongside Patty Duke in “The Miracle Worker” and Henry Thomas in “E. Mainstream moviegoers may recognize Partridge and Laurence from their respective roles in “Stranger Things” and “Pete’s Dragon.” Another key collaborator on “Lamb” is Partridge’s wife, Jennifer Lafleur, a marvelous performer in her own right, who served as co-producer on the film (she also makes a cameo).

Partridge spoke with Indie Outlook about the timeliness of David’s predicament, the words of wisdom he received from Oona’s father and the benefits (and drawbacks) of shooting in Wyoming.

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What was it about the subject matter in Bonnie’s book that spoke to you?

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