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Some legislation is beginning to address this practice, but it's still a threat.

Worse, some hackers engage in so-called "sextortion." This is where an attacker blackmails victims with embarrassing information—sometimes photos or videos captured without the victim's knowledge through their webcams.

Consider, also, that sexting can't spread disease or lead (at least directly) to accidental pregnancy.

There are times when the rewards of sexting outweigh the risks—it's up to you to decide.

If you do not want to take any risks, you should not sext. For everyone else, we humbly present these tips for making your titillating messages a little more secure.

We originally tackled this subject in 2015, but in light of the Jeff Bezos/National Enquirer blackmail scandal we're dusting it off and updating it for 2019.

First and foremost: how are you going to send your sexts?

Here are a few things to consider before you fire away.

We don't condemn it, but we do see it as higher risk.It's way better to voice those concerns now than after the fact.If your potential sexting partner voices concerns, be sure you honor the limits they put forward, too.Remember, too, that they could be intercepted on your end or your sexting partner's end. Anyone can take a screenshot of their phone or computer, or even use another device to take a picture of a screen."There is an unavoidable risk that your sexts will be seen by someone other than the intended recipient," Moen mentioned when Duffy spoke with her. Once the original is copied, each copy can be copied and transmitted an infinite number of times. If you're a high-profile person, such as a celebrity or politician (looking at you, Jeff Bezos), or if you have some other delicate facet to your life (e.g., you're an elementary school principal or a member of the clergy), you may have more to lose if your sexts were leaked to the public, a board of trustees, your boss, and so forth.

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