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If you enter a number then a space it works, but if you just input a space, it does not work. You're right on time again Sonu Kapoor, thanks again! It's very hard to find the right answer on this site, as only a handful of posters actually post the correct answer with no missing (essential) information. You need TWO validator controls to ensure only numeric values are entered.Note that if you enter numbers in this format into your mobile phone address book, you may successfully call any number in your address book no matter where you travel. For land lines, replace the plus with the international access code for the country you are dialing from. It contains all current country codes and codes reserved for future use. Also this will return the Country, Area and Provider demo git The format CCC. NNNNNNNNNNx EEEE Phone number must start with ' ' or '00' for an international call. Even though this is not really using Reg Exp to get the job done - or maybe because of that - this looks like a nice solution to me: the following API for phone number validation.

Anyway, we will discuss both methods in this tutorial. We don’t know what will user enter in the input fields. Sometimes you may want to allow `-` in phone numbers. Let’s see how `filter_var` function reacting to it. In international formatting, you need to allow sign with country code. Let’s take 1-202-555-0170 and see what output does filter_var gives to it. Next, we will see how do we validate phone numbers using Regular Expressions A lot of beginner level developers find regular expression is difficult.I replaced the US land line centric international access code 011 with the standard international access code identifier of ' ', making it mandatory. I also changed the minimum for the national number to at least one digit. There are two ways that you can use to validate the phone numbers in can either use PHP inbuilt filters or regular expressions for that purpose.

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