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Aqui los billetes en persona: El Gato Calavera: Av. Quite possibly a pit-stop at the Shreddies Flatulence Filtering Underwear factory!?! Insurgentes Sur 179, Cuauhtémoc, Hipódromo, Ciudad de México, We’re happy to announce more dates in March with Iron Chic (who rocked the shit out of the Park Theatre up here in chilly-willy Winnipeg last week), and our young friends, La Armada (who are releasing their next record the day before our first show in Minneapolis! Check the shows section shortly…tickets go on sale Friday.. Its title, artwork and bonus features satirize several aspects of internet culture.The song lyrics printed in the album's liner notes are all partially obscured by depictions of popup ads similar to those encountered while web surfing.We will be back next month with more news on the 40th anniversary club shows and the new album video. Once again, this is just a mini update as the lads are hard at work in the studio recording The Toy Dolls new album “EPISODE XIII.

Every single one of you made this “Summertime Blooze” …

In the meantime, this is just a quickie to let you know everything is on schedule with the recording, and release date is still set for October - if not earlier. So, due to the heavy workload involved with getting the new album together, your Ask Olga questions / answers will appear in the next updates. As for the new album, this is due for release roughly at the beginning of October. Meantime here's another great review from the lad's tour of South America a few months back, this time from Argentina, and a few nice pics from Rosario.

Oh, and the songs are sounding fabulous by the way! EPISODE XIII will be The Toy dolls 11th, 12th or 13th studio album? Which London studios have the lads been recording Episode XIII at? Which well known French pianist is described as a CREEP on the new album? In the meantime, however, you can still keep sending yer questions to . As this is the thirteenth studio album, it will be titled, rather appropriately, EPISODE XIII! It's gonna take about two months from the end of January to complete, but we will keep you posted on the progress! there will be new shirts added to the webshop very soon!

Internet Dating Superstuds is the ninth studio album by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals.

An independent music video was filmed for the song "43210-1." Much of the album is characterized by the pop-punk music and humorous lyrics for which the band is known.

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