Ps3 not updating to 4 50

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More precisely the console is stuck in the firmware update procedure and at 50% of the update, the console shows the following error code: 8002F1F9 I have personally updated the console firmware, due to the fact the he said that the console can't connect to WIFI hotspots and the controllers can't stay sync with the console without a cable. Still love my PS3 and my backlog is enormous, PS4 is taking up my gaming time idk if i'll ever get to some of these PS3 games.It is just a joy to play the PS4 with my Pulse Elites and a custom audio app.I was going to get a PS4 if it was bundled with Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, Dragon Age - Inquisition and/or Dark Souls 2 but then again I can afford to be picky since I still have allot of RPG's on my PS3 to play.Must keep my hands off FFX, FFXII and Dragon Quest 8...

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