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As for the interracial thing, no one anywhere close to or in Providence would even notice.

Elsewhere people might give you a second glance, but they wouldn't say anything bad or treat you like a second class citizen, etc.

It's not really a very transient place (aside from college students and grads...

many of whom aren't interested in dating more than casually) and as such, the dating scene can become, well, stagnant.

Throughout your quest of 50, 100 or even more locks/keys, you are sure to meet tons of people of the opposite sex in a fun and different way.

Lock and Key Events are a great alternative to the club scene and traditional socials since the fun and unique ice-breaker format ensures you meet tons of new people!

Although, oddly, there seems to be a significant number of police officers in Providence and south-east Massachusetts that are hot enough to make a girl say 'dayum! I hear tell from my single girlfriends that the dating scene sucks.

However, I'm told this phenomenon exists across the northeast. From a male perspective, the dating scene is difficult at best.

I'm told this is due to a dire shortage of successful, eligible men.

Hi all, I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

What is the dating scene like in Rhode Island and Providence in particular?

However, I'm told this phenomenon exists across the northeast.

(Not so in the South, lemme tell ya...) Speaking from the point of eye-candy (in which I do have first person experience), I can assure you that much of the caucasion/latino male population here is at most so-so.

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