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M&J Hell hath no fury, like a woman that's been "cornered/lied to". With one party knowing, the other getting blind-sided.I would certianly hope the woman has an IQ of about 40.There have been a lot of posts written by married people who are interested in swinging but are afraid of the repercussions should they bring the subject up with their spouse, so they don't even ask.Okay, suppose instead of turning the guy down flat, we had asked him if he was interested in getting his wife into swinging and, if so, suggested the following: A "chance meeting" could be engineered with the help of the interested spouse.Click the coupon image above to get your discount membership…or use the Izzy’s Girls free passwords below, for full izzysgirls member access. Treat yourself, this Izzy’s Girls sale is for a limited time.. Recently we got a direct e-mail from a married man asking, more or less, if we would let him join us for a threesome during the afternoon or on Saturday. Alura wrote him a nice note saying, essentially, "Sorry, That's not our thing; we ain't a-gonna help you cheat." Mrs.

If the reaction were positive, or at least not negative, it would certainly open up the subject for discussion and perhaps a whole new world of communication for them.

There are far too many "ifs" to hope that the plan could be consistantly successful. Julie, we agree "if they can't talk, they shouldn't swing" but we would hope that any couple could improve their ability to share ideas if the desire were there.

Ron, we're grateful for your lone positive response.

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