Openly dating married woman

But when you consider the situation with a married woman, there’s a lot more at stake than the feelings and lives of just two individuals – hers and yours.There’s a husband and maybe even one or more kid(s).You will have to shoulder the responsibility of being a surrogate father in addition to coping with the relationship with your lover/new wife.If the kids are older you will have to probably maintain a fine balance between being a friend and a role mode to theml.She will feel cheated if she has destroyed her marriage and lost you.

Or she may fear the wrath of her husband, if he threatens her with dire consequences if she thinks of leaving him.If the marriage was already dying a natural death, or she was virtually separated from her husband, and things go well, you may both decide to make things permanent.If there are kids involved, carefully consider all the implications.Or when the excitement fades, will your love for her fade too?If that is the case don’t make the mistake of ruining her life, because you will if you decide the relationship has lost its charm.

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She has entered into a far more serious commitment and a sacred institution.

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