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Director, State archive, Brest region The Bureau of Civil Registration of the Pinsk Municipal Executive Committee has a record of death made on in Pinsk Roman Catholic church for Iosif Urbanowicz, b.

1 April 1875, son of Masei and Katazhina Urbanowicz.

It was especially puzzling since the list likely was provided by Maria, who was just older than Olga.

It remained a puzzle until a by-chance telephone conversation with Maria's younger son: Olga's full name was either "Alexandra Olga" or "Olga Alexandra," although she usually was called "Olga" or "Olenka" by her mother and siblings, and the only name her husband and sons knew for her was "Olga." When Maria provided the information after Julia's death, Maria gave what she considered the more formal name for her sister -- "Alexandra" -- and apparently someone garbled that to "Alexander." Maria noted her sister as deceased because, so far as Maria knew, Olga Alexandra had not survived World War II.

1-Apr-1875, perhaps Lithuania (Poland was off the map in 1875.) d. "Osip" is also spelled "Yosef" and "Jozef." In English it would be "Joseph." Joseph worked as a machinist and owned a restaurant in Pinsk. Geelong is a city southwest of Melbourne by about 40 miles.

After WW II, Julia moved to Australia as a displaced person, arriving in southeastern Australia in August 1949 when she was 74 years old.

Was married to Maria (her maiden name is not indicated); URBANOWICZ Marya, daughter of Iosif and Ulia (maiden name Mironowicz), born on 15 January 1913 in Pinsk, Pole, housewife.

Resided at Medovaya st., 1, Pinsk; In 1941-1944 the following people lived in Pinsk: URBANOWICZ Olga Iosifovna, born on 1 July 1915 in Pinsk.

URBANOWICZ - On February 13, at Geelong, Julia, dearly loved wife of the late Joseph Urbanowicz, of 9 Clarke Avenue, Belmont, Geelong, loving mother of John (dec), Jadwiga (dec), Anthony (dec), Kazimicrz (dec), Roman (dec), Stanislaw (dec), Maria (Mrs. Olga was about 26 when she lost contact with her mother, sister, and brother as German troops advanced against Russian troops in what was then the eastern strip of Poland, and is now (early 21st century) part of Belarus.

It was a puzzle that whoever gave the list of Julia's children remembered to include children who had died young, but forgot to include Olga.

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