N900 driver sd needs updating human psychology and dating

The wise and good friends I have there seemed to know a lot more about this and suggested I try to reflash the device and perhaps revive it.

There’s a Linux tool for that I was relieved to discover.

It involves some pressing of keys and secret hand shakes which I’ll describe in more detail in a second.

With this done I was able to see the device on my laptop by running an “lsusb” command in a terminal.

It’s not that hard to do but it does involve a few steps.

To my huge, HUGE relief this actually worked and my dead N900 came back to life. I’ve never been so happy to hear that annoying Nokia tune in my life.

I’m not averse to using the official software to perform an update if needed, but what I am averse to is the fact that this software is only available for Windows.

I connected the phone and ran the process as instructed.

I transferred the SIM to my old handset so I could still make calls and twiddled my thumbs.

Actually I did do something useful as I read on this guide how to set the phone into R&D mode ready for flashing.

My phone desktop came up pretty much as it had before but with some app icons missing and sporting the original blue N900 theme.

I’d made some backups of the data on the phone and also used the internal backup application to store contacts, settings and other things.

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