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This MIT group published their data in Nature and said that the first common ancestor of all humans could have lived as early a couple thousand years before Christ.5. We know that the appearance of humans in America coincided with the disappearance with several large mammal species in the Americas according to the Book of Mormon.(2004) "Modelling the recent common ancestry of all living humans". During the early 1980s, rumors circulated in Mormon culture that the Book of Mormon was being used by the Smithsonian to guide primary archaeological research.These rumors were brought to the attention of Smithsonian directors who, by 1982, sent a form letter to inquiring parties stating that the Smithsonian did not use the Book of Mormon to guide any research, and included a list of specific reasons Smithsonian archaeologists considered the Book of Mormon historically unlikely.It also deals with the rise and fall of the Jaredite nation, which the Book of Mormon says came from the Old World shortly after the confounding of the languages at the Tower of Babel.

native North American inscriptions, North American elephant remains etc.) were well-publicized at the time of the publication of the Book of Mormon and there is incorporation of some of these ideas into the narrative.In 1998, the Smithsonian revised the form letter and stated that Book of Mormon had not been used by the Smithsonian in any form of archaeological research.Mormon scholars speculated that this was because the earlier version of the letter contradicts some aspects of research published by Smithsonian staff members.The Book of Mormon describes God's dealings with three civilizations in the Americas over the course of several hundred years.The book primarily deals with the Nephites and the Lamanites, who - it states - existed in the Americas from about 600 BC to about AD 400.

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The Glaciers are said to have started to retreat in 16,000 BC.

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