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" Ici, il faut tout prendre au second degré où l'on retrouve le plaisir et l'excitation d'une journée de bureau. Le but : retrouver les joies du boulots (bon en vacances c'est pas cool). Personne n'aurait de références de jeu de ce style?

Tu dois bien gérer ton argent car, entre le cinéma, le "Burger max" ou le karaoké, tu te rendras comptes que c'est dur pour en gagner. In this fourth episode, Kiryu continues his retirement in Okinawa. In every game in the series you roam the fictional area of Kamurocho, based on the real red light district of Kabukicho in Shinjuku, Tokyo.When I see that Yakuza 4 still doesn't have enough FAQs and walkthroughs it deserves, I think I need to make my own.Plus, I think I want to make a game guide as a writing project, and of course to help other players enjoying and solving this variety show of a game. THANK YOU ____________ In completing the game and in making this guide, I owe much to Yakuza wiki @ Wikia, Bread Skin and yewjhin from ps3trophies.org, and Ice Queen Zero and kliq IMB from Also thank you The Patrick for comprehensive guides for past Yakuza titles. ABOUT YAKUZA _______________ With the success of Grand Theft Auto, of course many game companies want to create their own 'crime simulator'.

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