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Jacques stays at the village in order to watch over the Baudelaires and the Quagmires, however, he is murdered by Olaf.

She tries to help out the Baudelaires and the Quagmires to the best of her ability.

She later takes the role of Madame Lulu while the previous one (implied to be Kit Snicket) went to retrieve the Sugar Bowl from Heimlich Hospital.

In the book, Olivia has a somewhat cowardly personality, and becomes reliant on the Baudelaires to escape with them to the mountains.

It is unknown whether or not Count Olaf realized that she was a fraud. It is known that Captain Widdershins taught her how to read codes on stained maps. Olivia discovers that the children are actually the Baudelaires in disguise when Klaus lets slip that Olivia made a prediction regarding the Baudelaires' parent. Violet plans to invent a vehicle made from the cars from the nearby roller coaster and the fan belt from the lightening effects Olivia used in her fortune telling that would enable them to escape from the carnival and travel up the Mortmain Mountains.

Madame Lulu was originally, as Olivia Caliban, a member of V. It is unclear what side of the schism Madame Lulu was loyal to if she chose a side at all. symbol on the outside and inside find a secret archival library under the table hidden by a tablecloth that she uses to aid her in her predictions. The Baudelaires admit to their identity and plan to travel with Olivia to the Mortmain Mountains to determine if one of their parents is really alive. Esmé Squalor, who is jealous of Olaf's attention to Madame Lulu and Madame Lulu’s actions towards her boyfriend, comes to the caravan of the freaks in an outfit that says I Love Freaks.

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Poe, doesn't listen, mainly because he is about to go on a helicopter search for the Quagmires. Jacques and Olivia search 667 Dark Avenue for the Quagmires but are unsuccessful in finding them, but they do find an extra floor above the penthouse.

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