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A5, 56 pages, photocopy, 200 penpals $ 10, info 2 IRCs.

A5, 24 pages, photocopy, home work, penpals, collectors, sample $ 5 or 5. ITFK3- Axenti Elena, Via Pasini 31/H, IT-36030 Castelnovo VI, ITALY. ITFK90- International Penfriend Club, PO Box 290 ZV, IT-48016 Milano Marittima, Ravenna, ITALY. IQZL301- Black Gold Penfriend Club, M A Razzak, Box 335, Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Office, Kirkuk, IRAQ. IQAF131- Khalid Shafiq, Box 42054, Al-Karkh PO, Baghdad, IRAQ.

ITDE82- Hobby Club Magazine, PO Box 3160-es, IT-47100 Forli 3, ITALY. ITZF39 Florence Worldwide 3/96, T Taddei, PO Box 106, IT-50100 Firenze, ITALY.

B5, 8 pages, 34 penpals, club ads, sample US$ 2 or 2 IRCs.

JPLG58 ld35 Mail Art - Brain Cell 685 June 2007, Ryosuke Cohen, 3-76-1-A-613 Yagumokitacho, Moriguchi-City, Osaka 570; JAPAN.

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