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I hope there are because the secretary kim is still free and i want to know what wan seung’s brother did that the pervert or murderer threat him so much..

I hope next season wil be at the same station because i really like the all character there!!

Maybe not as good as season 1, but still really really good. And all the letting people pass, what officer could do anything in the middle of the night to the crime scene? And they were even suspicious of finding things later on that clearly were not there. There's more reasons why I decided to skip-skip the 'funny' scenes. I watched this drama like:" pass...pass" in the end only 10 minutes or less are worth watching in every episode. A side dishes business makes a lot more money than police jobs so why did kyung-mi enlist in the police when she had no interest in it. how should I call it..people dying all over the place evidences concluded in seconds .what : Hi audience we are glad to announce to you there is going to be a 3rd season of this .thingy so stay tuned.., they should call it no longer "Queen of mystery" but "Queen of something else" because the show was supposed to be about the talent of normal woman at solving crime cases while pursuing the truth about her parent's murder.. is someone pulling the strings in KBS other than the director and writer ?

The only twist is Hyun Soo’s clones and the spy from chief Kim in the police station. Clearly they were eliminated for helping or to take the blame for someone else? Why would the “smart” kid know all about how the older brother professor knew Chief kim yet not be able to get Chief kim himself? Why did the noona have so many surgeries to change. Kyung Mi joining the police force was a great idea to include her more in the series. The ending was rushed and I didn't like the odd direction they took with Inspector Woo's character whenever he was trying to solve something.

About the mid-end case, it seems to me the director has carefully planned Mi Joo’s path: suffer, happy, fairwell and same to the poor chubby boyfriend. Nonetheless, the investigating time is fast-paced and not become boring like other series. Some of the filming was odd compared to season one. However, I still love Ha Wan Seung and Yoo Seol Ok because they were perfectly portrayed in the same way as before.

Its really annoying to see someone bullshitting about a cheap-instant-ramen TV show comparing to a seasonal focusing drama. there is still potential for season 3, a lot of questions were answer but the bad guy still on the lose, at least they know who is secretary kim, to think that he is so close, secretary kim alone can not do anything, there must be someone higher than him giving him the order or backing him up, someone more powerful. ^^ I am a fan of Qo M 1 and of course I have high expectation on Qo M season 2.

hope there will be season 3, and hope they will keep the cast, too many changing is no good. When it aired, I follow every episode until episode 13 and stop, I decided to delay the rest episodes til it finished.

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