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Since the band’s third drummer, Lorin Coleman, had left after the “Body” tour, the two recorded the new album as a duo, with Foster playing drums as well as bass.Westin Glass has taken over the drum stool for this tour and, Harris hopes, for quite a while longer. “We have gotten used to people coming and going,” Harris says.Though a harmonica instantly separates this from anything remotely Thermals related, there is one thread that remains regardless of the format: Harris and Foster’s gentle harmonies as they deliver hopeful prose like, “Our eyes unite, we are on the sun burning so bright.” Listen in below. Harris and Foster will embark on a US tour in support of the reissue, with dates forthcoming. When you hear a whole crowd singing along, that’s so fun.One of the big goals of this band is to get people singing along, jumping around and shouting.” Harris and Foster got their start playing in South Bay bands like Haelah and the Urban Legends, performing DIY shows with like-minded friends in alternative venues such as the Knights of Columbus hall in Cupertino.“You see how the audience responds — it’s so amazing.

Though Harris is looking forward to eating his mom’s home cooking, drinking iced tea on the patio and shopping at Streetlight, his heart is firmly in Portland.“There was no real plan for this record, except that we wanted to try to have no politics or religion,” Harris says.The band’s contract with Sub Pop had ended, and rather than re-up, the two decided to pay for the recording themselves and shop for a deal later.We didn’t want to get stuck releasing something that we just kind of felt OK about.” A song called “When We Were Alive” proved to be the entree into the new record — a look back at life from beyond the grave, tinged with fear and regret, but also a joyous sense of release.The duo entered the studio with producer John Congleton, known for his work with bands like the Polyphonic Spree and Explosions in the Sky.

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