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But the police in a statement a day after the incident indicated that Kennedy Agyapong does not have “the authority to cause the dismissal of a Police Officer without lawful justification and due process.” The police explained in the statement that, its attention was drawn to the fact that Kennedy Agyapong was seen and heard intimidating a police officer during the student demonstration on the North campus of the University of Education, Winneba.The Police said the incident has been corroborated by an eyewitness who confirmed that Kennedy Agyapong “in an aggressive mood” told a serving officer that he will make sure that he is dismissed for unknown reasons.“The Police Administration has also taken note of the fact that the Central Regional Police Commander who was at the spot instantly told Kennedy Agyapong he had no powers to dismiss any Police Officer performing his or her lawful duties,” the statement noted.Afful Broni and reinstatement of some sacked lecturers.The protest, however, turned violent, leading to the pelting of stones by students and firing of tear gas by the police.The MP in an attempt to address the situation, reportedly, challenged the authority of the police in dealing with the matter.“The Police Administration, therefore, wishes to affirm the stance of the Central Regional Police Commander, that, nobody wields that authority to cause the dismissal of a Police Officer without lawful justification and due process,” the police added in the statement.“He kept saying to Anna and her mom, ‘How do you know they were real cops? The young woman said she was raped by Brooklyn South narcotics Detectives Richard Hall and Eddie Martins in the back seat of their police van while she was handcuffed — and accused both men of forcing her to perform oral sex after she was arrested for possessing drugs.

Answer: Well, they can use it and they do often use it.

Bad guys, sock with rock in hand, ready to bust a car window, sees a car pull up to a stop sign with, “Recruitment” on the side in blazing red and… They see a car pull up that reads, “Sixth District Task Force” or “Street Crimes Unit”, Or “Tactical”, or “Special Forces”, and they run, or at least chill out and leave.

So, to answer your question, a police officer’s presence is the first level of force.

DNA from Martins and Hall matched genetic material recovered from Chambers in the rape kit, sources have said. “To me, it’s almost as outrageous as the crime that you have cops trying to intimidate her not to report the crime, trying to protect fellow cops.” The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association declined to comment.

David said he intends to add the aggressive officer from the hospital to the million notice of claim Chambers has filed against the city, and report the incident to the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

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The Assin Central MP was reportedly at the school as part of a delegation to try and appeal to factions that were protesting on the school’s campus on that day.

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