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Nothing happens when you try to open internet explorer. If the Internet Explorer has stopped opening up, it means the file gone unregistered from IE module.

As you saw, the cause is simple, its solution is also very easy.

If you are able to browse pages get support from the firewall manufacturer to setup the settings correctly.

If it still gives you problems then you can go to the next step.

I agree that adding a random token to the url is the most reliable solution and once it's implemented the user doesn't have to do anything.

Incidentally, the problem will possibly exist for your website viewers as well. Use PHP to add a random token to the current URL so that the browser is tricked into thinking it's a separate page.

To achieve this, perform the following steps – If this also doesn’t solve the issue move on to the next step.

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Visit Stack Exchange When using Internet Explorer 8 to test my web application I often find it doesn't reload the page, so I don't see my changes.

There are various reasons the “Internet Explorer cannot display webpage” error may appear.

The most common causes are – Follow the steps given below to fix this error – Step 1 – Check Internet and Browser Settings – Check if the internet is working by checking the router, modem, wireless and cable settings.

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To resolve this problem, you need to re-register the file.

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