Insert command for updating an excel spreadsheet ron ng and tavia yeung dating

With the options Update Don't Update Help My staff aren't too good with popup messages (they're not very computer-friendly) and I'd like to disable this from occuring. I have an item price list and if a particular cell gets updated I want to automatically record the date of change of that cell. When I get to the Body section, I want to insert a clickable link to a website, and also a clickable link to send an email (not as important as the website). I have found code to insert links to files, but none for website links.

Because I update the workbooks attached to it monthly, I would need a manual way of having the workbook update the figures though. I realize that after I change cell A1 I could tab to cell B1 and enter Ctrl ; but if I have a hundred new prices to enter I don't want to do that (plus me or the data entry person might forget). Hi all, I hope you can help me with what I would like to do.

However, I recently went into a spreadsheet to update it and was unable to select and enter data into an individual cell.

Thanks, Lynn I've been using Excel for years and had very few issues.

After I update this document I ensure that it is read only. If anyone can help it would really cut down the time I spend collating these stats every day!

There will be a varying number of rows in each of the individual sheets.

My ideal would be to only have the prompt display for me..I know that that is dream-land stuff. For instance, A B 1 .17 8/17/08 2 .20 9/12/09 If I go in and update cell A1 to .98 today I would like cell B1 to read 2/16/10. I've searched and searched and not come up with anything yet!!

I found the following thread that gave me a way of doing it that I didn't understand (I'm okay with formulae, but that's the limit of my Excel experience). I have one sheet which is my 'data' sheet with a number of columns, one of which is a date which may be repeated.

Then when I try to click into another cell it just highlights that cell, along with any other that I move my cursor over. I have never really used VBA and so am completely stuck at this problem.

When I click on a cell and try to enter #s nothing happens (my num lock is on).

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