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Ciara posted a photo on Instagram with a few different examples of how cool can be defined.The couple went to England for a destination wedding in 2016.In the words of Hooweestik: Since this answer changes like a digital clock, it has been closed due to debates. Neither it nor its alternate wordings should be deleted.

A lot of prayer was involved when Ciara and Russell Wilson decided to abstain from premarital sex.Russell also plays a role in helping raise Future, Ciara’s son from her previous relationship with rapper, Future. He also likes to have fun—he’s very spontaneous and we just have a good time as a family.”Learn more about Russell, Ciara and their family.Ciara believes Russell is as good of a father as he is a quarterback.“He’s been such an incredible father since day one,” Ciara told E! Ciara and Russell welcomed their daughter, Sienna Princess, into the world on April 28, 2017.According to US Magazine, Russell and Ciara were married in Cheshire, England at Peckforton Castle.The small gathering of family and friends was quite the celebration.

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Russell admitted being a father has offered him a new perspective on life.“More than anything, when you have your own family and in continues to grow, it’s a special thing,” Wilson told the Seattle PI.

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