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Lots of auditions and you still can’t get that role, failed business ventures, and maybe lack of recognition in your art.It is easy to think that you are a failure, especially if you already fail right before you get your first success. When feeling this feeling, it is common to ask yourself, what am I doing with my life?

And, for the most part, they’re pretty banal—none more so than Jackson’s opening line: “Baby, love never felt so good.” But perhaps this shouldn’t seem so unremarkable.

“Babies are like the ultimate possession,” said Levkoff.

While the latter question above is a philosophical conundrum mostly queried by old men staring at the stars from the top of a mountain, the former is usually asked during a period of self-loathing after waking up with a hangover after long night of partying.

Calling your partner “baby” may be weird, but relationship counselors tend to think using pet names is generally healthy; they help couples create a private world.

“When affection is strong, using a proper name seems almost inappropriate,” said psychologist Steven Stosny.

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