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I could see my wife at another table in an animated conversation with the group seated there. It was only moments before she dipped a shrimp in some butter and "accidently" dripped some on her breast.And it took less time for one of her posse to use his tongue to clean it up for her.Still being sexually active at her age meant she knew what she wanted and how to get it.She rode me until she came, collapsing, exhausted, on my chest.Needless to say, I started to empty my balls and as they retracted and shrunk for my orgasm, the hand left my sac and I felt a finger, then two enter my ass.Best news, my explosion went from satisfying to epic. I'm not sure if the spirit is still willing, but I know for a fact the flesh is weak.To the literary purists - As with all my stories, I act in the role of narrator.

I asked her if she would be so kind as to season my sausage for me.

I looked around quickly for the younger woman, only to watch as she was whisked away by the 3 older men.

My wife had become engaged in a conversation with the younger man and the hostess and before I knew what had happened, I was approached by the remaining two older women that I had met earlier on the lounge chair.

Just as she was bucking to an orgasm under me, someone squeezed my balls and my right nipple at the same time.

My earlier partner had recovered some and was trying to be involved.

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Now I had control of the coupling and found that not only were her small nipples sensitive, but that she absolutely loved having them played with.

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