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One activist boldly says the attack on the mosque ground was worse than anything the regime did before the ascent of Abiy Ahmed.In what seems an attempt to appease the anger, the Addis Ababa City Administration issued a statement saying that the police action was done without its knowledge. The Muslim community, who have long complained of discrimination in the allocation of government land for religious sites, accuse the Addis Ababa mayor, Takele Uma Benti of ordering the destruction of three mosques only in the past year, including Umar Mosque which was located on Bole , the legally constructed mosque.The Mayor later apologized, pledging to assist to reconstruct the mosque.The battle to build mosques and to find prayer spaces in the capital and in the country and the fate of thousands of unlicensed mosques have been a concern for some time.«A few years later, members of the army stationed in the nearby camp requested for the space designated for prayer and it was later taken by the local administration, by disregarding the earlier permit, he explains.However, the Sub-city’s communication bureau in the Facebook post contradicts that, saying the request for more space was presented by the woreda’s “majlis” (Muslim Council) only on March 19, 2019, and the only promise given by the Sub-City officials was to consider the possibility of providing part of the land for the prayer space.Please cite Ethiopia Observer prominently and link clearly to the original article if you republish.

Others say the facts on the ground do not show that, indicating the mushrooming of mosques in the capital and many parts of the country.The Arbitration Committee comprising of religious scholars, including Mujab Amino, Sheik Mekete Muhe, Sheik Tuahir, Ustaz Kamil Shemisu, came up with a statement, after touring the area and talking with the worshipers.“We have come to realize that the police had completely overreacted.However, the requested parcel of land was allotted for the Sub-City’s police station, the foundation already put.“The police station gave up the plan and went on to secure a plot at another site, saying it was not sufficient for the purpose.

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Only then was the armed security forces intervened to de-escalate the situation.” The Mosque officials emphatically refute the claim that there were people firing guns from the side of the Mosque but say more than 14 Muslims were wounded by the actions of the security police.

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