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She has become most associated with her role as Holly Sutton in the American soap opera General Hospital, as well as for taking the role of Fallon Carrington Colby, replacing Pamela Sue Martin, on world famous soap Dynasty.Born in London to a family always involved in film, Emma trained at the Royal Ballet School as a dancer but injury forced to her to give it up.

I ask if Thomson is alright, imagining what a big deal it must have been for him to come out, and be as open as he has been.

If Brooklyn were an independent city it would be the fourth largest city in the United States.

While Brooklyn has become the epitome of ‘cool and hip’ in recent years, for those that were born here, raised families here and improved communities over the years, Brooklyn has never been ‘uncool’.

I’m not limping any more, but I don’t move as easily as I used to. Stairs are difficult.”Aging is a bitch, because he is constantly reminded of how attractive and desirable he was because of fans’ passionate nostalgia for the show. “You’re around it all the time.”Thomson stoutly insists, however, that while he may not be the young, handsome actor he was back then, he’s not bad looking now.

“They want you to autograph something with you aged 40. He notes that John James’ hair is thinner than it was, “and he was the best-looking man on TV at that time.” Thomson compares James’ title card at the beginning of the show (“nothing going on behind the eyes”) with Adam’s shit-eating grin as a champagne bottle’s cork pops off.

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