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To update the index, open Maven Repositories View with Windows → Show View → Others → Maven → Maven Repositories.

In the Maven Repositories View, expand Local Repositories and right click on Local Repository and from the context menu, select Rebuild Index.

With M2E, we can add Maven build system to any existing project in Eclipse workspace.

To start with, modify the directory structure of the project as required by the Maven.

Among other things, it assists in the following aspects of Maven.

Latest releases of Eclipse comes with M2Eclipse (M2E) plugin preinstalled.

To create a quickstart app, enter quick as Filter and from the shown list, select maven-archetype-quickstart and click next.

Eclipse is the most popular Java IDE that can be used to easily edit, debug, compile and package java project.

But how can we use it with our maven java project then can make management to be more easily?

The wizard opens Select project name and location window.

The check-box Create a simple project allows either to create a bare bone project or project based on Maven Archetype.

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