Double dating tips for girls

So the girl suggested a double date for our first date, saying it would be fun. If so, how do you compare it with the traditional 1-on-1 first dates?

I have not for once turned off my Internet connection on my phone just because I use it for lots of things.

So if you want to multi-task you have to have a list of what you need to do written down right before you begin any. I mean I wasn't wired up to stick to routine but it helps to increase productivity.

I use my mobile phone for blogging and for everything I do because I don't have a personal computer yet and I was always getting jobs half done because I refused to stick to routine.

There's no way you can go into a relationship with a partner talk less of partners if you don't know anyone at all.

I mean there’s the blonde, there’s Emily, there’s the girl who works at the coffee shop, there’s the dark girl down the street, there’s the troublesome Lily and her sister Annie.

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There's just an endless list to do for the day but you don't know which you want to do.

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