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For instance, in Figure 2, we see the DNS records stored in the DC=Domain DNSZones container, but there is also a Deleted Objects container. container, the deleted DNS objects are exposed (Figure 3).

In this case the record we are interested in is “DC=_dcdiag_test_record…” In this example this has been recreated several times.

Domain Name System (DNS) records can be deleted manually, as a result of some operation such as a DC demotion or other object removal, and of course, they could be deleted programmatically.

Remember that the record, like any AD object, can be deleted on any DC/DNS server and it will replicate to all DCs.

This allows DNS servers to be placed in remote sites where DCs are not desired.

While multi-master replication and the Active Directory Integrated (multiple primary) zone features have introduced advantages and disadvantages at the same time, a good understanding of how they work will save the AD administrator a lot of time and effort in resolving these issues.

It is permissible to have secondary zones in an ADI primary zone but they must be hosted on member servers – not DCs.• Different replication scopes store the zone file in different locations in the AD making locating the DNS records difficult.Replication scope is defined in DNS Zone properties.Remember to refresh the DNS management snapin to see the new records.All record types can use this method to register the correct record.

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