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I'm Sindee the naughty vixen who loves to be bad all the time!

She was only agreeing with Tohru so that she could kidnap her mom. Yes, I know that Ohana basically told him to go, but baby steps.

When she finally has that chat with Ko later in the episode, I cheered when Ko said he wouldn’t go to Kissuiso with Ohana. Yes, things are back to the ‘status Ko,’ but hey, maybe the next time we see him, he’ll be dating bookstore girl.

She reveals to Tohru that she was also an obstinate child when she was Ohana’s age.

Meanwhile, Minko just sits around, feeling all sad about Tohru’s fascination with the Matsumae ladies.

I’m sure her mother doesn’t have a life that needs attending to or anything.

You guys are fun to talk with and I would like to know where to find my local INFJ! Probably one of the best ways is to find an ENFP and then to rifle through all their introverted friends.

Otherwise you'll have to hope you get lucky at some casual party. The INFJs I know (myself and one other friend, so you know, a sweeping generalization) are pretty much home bodies.

When Ohana takes her coworkers to confront her mother, Satsuki was all packed and ready to return with her daughter to Kissuiso.

Maybe she’s finally considerate of her daughter’s feelings after all; the Matsumae household seem like slow learners.

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