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It didn't take very long for internet savvy entrepreneurs to commodify online dating into a massive industry that seems to keep growing.

It may have been an admission of failure in “normal” relationships to join an online dating site at one time, but with new apps like Tinder and sites like OKCupid plus hundreds more, it's now socially acceptable to at least give online dating a try.

But with over 50 % of users being men, not all can be disingenuous. They have a lot of options when choosing a man to engage or respond to, or when finding someone new if one man ends up being a dud after a face-to-face date.

Whether “meeting” someone in an online chat room or developing a relationship through regular emails, digital courtship certainly isn't a new thing.

And before the internet, there were dating videos and matchmaking companies that did much the same thing.

This isn't necessarily a large sum for people who might spend a lot more just for a night out.

For one reason or another, men have a less trustworthy reputation when it comes to online dating than women.

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A big part of online dating is finding someone who will go on dates which are “no strings attached”.

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