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Hugh Wagoner, State Highway Patrol, Jefferson City. Sheriff Wolfe reported that a thief or thieves broke into the Tony E. 4-H Club Tour Starts Tomorrow Christopher Campers 4-H clubbers will participate in a tour beginning at p. During the tours, projects are displayed and demonstrations presented. Emma Crocker; Electricity, Lin- co,ln Greningcr; Garden, Mrs. It was Diaz' refusal to deal with the rebels and his announced determination to continue the fighting that brought the downfall of his regime. Castillo accused him of retaining in his government many of the Guatemalan Communists and of acting in bad faith. Path of Eclipse Early Wednesday UNf SC Senate Banking Committee Hears Housing Scandal Solon Charges Key Earns Promotion Man Concealed Criminal Record 29—(UP) (R-Ind.) An eclipse which occurs only once every 18 years will be noticed in the Neosho area at about 5 a.m Wednesday. Only those elementary teachers who meet the minimum standards for teaching in classified schools and who cannot secure certificates on the basis of college credit should take the examination, Mr. Persons who have not completed an approved four-year high school program are not eligible for the examinations.

Louis; Louis Backers, Chief of Police, Jefferson City and Col. party promptly Castillo's Sheriff Checks Chicken Theft Near Sagmount A break-in* and the theft of 18 silver-laced black and black Wyandotte chickens are being investigated by the sheriff's force, Floyd Wolf, sheriff, reported today. Janes Creek was toured Monday by 4-H club representatives from throughout the ccjunty. It was believed here that the result will be the restoration of a stable government and normal conditions within Guatemala within a short time. But he did not make contact with Castillo's headquarters, and the Reds were not placed under arrest.

Any crest of more than 43 feet would send water tumbling over it.

The state highway patrol reported six persons were known dead and seven others missing at Ozona, Tex., on a tributary of the Rio Grande. The rains were blamed, at least in part, on ' Hurricane Alice,' the first of the 1954 season which sent a mass of moist air rushing west from the Gulf of Mexico when it hit last Friday.

At Ozona, 500 families were reported homeless, but authorities said "things arc pretty weil under hand, if another ri flash flood doesn't come down on US Sheriff Leo Earnest said the flood hit Ozona "so fast we didn't have time to do anything.

"We ran our cars up and down the streets with the sirens open, but we failed to get them all out, Earnest said. We think the people who lost their lives got caught in trailers.

The Bookmobile will be at the Westview Store at 9 a. with Hickory Grove scheduled for and Thompson Grove at a. The flood waters, which have already killed at least six persons, were expected to hit the cities with a crest of between 55 and 60 feet today or early tomorrow.

S, goevrnmeot moved records and valuable items from its buildings at the international bridge. Castillo then made good on his threat to attack the capital by air if his terms were not met. Tennessee produced almost five million tons c,f coal in 1953. with the day's last stop scheduled for Gallemore at p. i Worst Flood in Rio Grade's History Hits Laredo Aroa; 6 Dead, 7 Missing ma, Granby Plans Holiday Celebration July 4 The 4th this GRANBY (Special) — of July special activities in area will include a team pulling contest in the afternoon at the Rodeo Grounds in Granby. A refreshment stand will be open during the afternoon. Anyone planning to take the examinations should contact Robinson as soon as possible. Mclvin Mc Cullough, Neosho, above, secretary-treasurer of the Newton County Peace Officer's Association, has been named to a legislative committee for the association. Robert Cohn, attorney, Kansas City, chairman; Sheriff George Hickam, Webb City; Deputy Sheriff W. The sheriff said entry was gained by cutting a hole in a screen door. inten- Teachers Exam Scheduled Here Friday Morning The last regular teachers' examination of the year will be given in the county superintendent's office beginning at 9 a. Examinations of Language Arts and Social Studies will be given on Friday, July 9 with examinations on Natural Science and Special Subjects given Saturday, July 10. 135 NEOSHO, MISSOURI, TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 1954 ^^^^^^""^^P^*^T^^^^P^ *^^"^™**^ l ^^*^^*P^P^^~^^^^^^ Price Five -' On State Committee t-- Dr. Members of the comittee by reason of office are Sheriff Jack Barnes, Kennett, Missouri 1 Peace Officers Association president, and H. Forest establishment at Sagmount and stole an oscillating fan, a Philco plastic radio, a ladies 1 wrist watch (Cyna), cuff links and two wedding rings. Leaders of the Jones Creek 4-H club are Foods I— Mrs. Diaz was given an ultimatum by Castillo to purge his regime of all Communists, place them under arrest and make contact with rebel headquarters to discuss terms before 8 a. An "X" on the above map indicates Neosho's closeness to the middle of the eclipse. Certification from the examination required a minimum of 32 semester hours of credit from a college or university accured for teacher education.

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