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One of the things I get asked about the most in my work is for first date tips for women.

I’ve met women who are getting back to dating after a divorce, and who are understandably nervous about going on first dates (especially if it’s been decades since they last did).

The unfortunate thing about being young is all you can imagine is RIGHT NOW.

The truth of the matter is your teenage years are just a blip on the screen of your life. Surly there are guys at your high school and as well as other high schools in your immediate area with guys you could date. If you ask him for his vision, for you and him, or for his vision separately (first), then you have something to build off of.

Here’s a tip: when I was single, I used to call an old friend and have a quick chat to get myself into a fun playful state.

He’d make jokes about how I’d mess things up on the date and we’d laugh. Just find something that puts you at ease before you meet someone new.

If you’ve been in a relationship with the same man for 30 years, you probably need some practice flirting and talking to men in general.

Even if you don’t feel a spark with a particular date, you can still practice those skills.

It amazes me how some people put so much stock into first dates.Not every girl who goes to your school is chasing after a guy who lives 100 miles away! I’d recommend doing this over the phone because you then have a reason for calling him if you’d like to.If you ask about his vision, for this year, for the next months, for him, for you, for the both of you, he has certain responses to that.And in fact, if you’re not sure what you want out of romance right now, recreational dating is a great way to figure it out. Having a guy friend is great for single ladies because he can help you decipher dudes’ behavior, tell you what they’re really thinking, and warn you away from guys who will break your heart.Going on a lot of first dates with different types of dudes will quickly help you understand what you’re looking for, and you can get some great experiences and meals out of it! And if you’re not dating, you’ll always have a 1 to go out with.

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The problem is: I’m a high school student and there is no way I will find someone around here which means for the timebeing it’s this guy or no guy.

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