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Created by a funny and thoughtful woman named Charlotte, this relationship blog dishes out advice that’s often as much about loving food as it is about loving men.

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I guess it depends on how important sex is to you but for me, it’s a very, very important part of a relationship.

I really think that if more people waited to have sex, we might rediscover what romance is all about. (Writer’s note: being romantic doesn’t make you gay!

After months or years of dating, it’s the best feeling in the world when you finally meet someone you can have a relationship with.

Christian Connection is an award-winning Christian dating website in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and Canada.

Max I would wait awhile, if I thought she was really awesome. But then again, my relationships in the past haven’t been that awesome so I definitely hope that one day I’m with someone I care about a lot more than that.

If you have to ask the question on whether you should include your Ex in your wedding nuptials then the answer is probably a hard NO.

Maybe you need to ask yourself WHY you want them at your wedding?

Dating, or falling for someone, within a close-knit or even wider community, can bring complications.

When God doesn’t give us what we want straight away, especially if it’s a good thing that we desire, it could be because He’s trying to develop patience in us. In the case of marriage, it could also be that He’s working on us whilst preparing the right partner to show up at the right time.

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