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NLPN targets out-of-school youth as well as illiterate and disadvantaged adults.

Its aim is to enable them to participate effectively in national development.

Unlike the basic literacy programme, AUPE has its own curriculum which includes general knowledge in addition to language and numeracy.

The “language of business” is also an important component of this curriculum. There are four compulsory and two optional courses.

NLPN was initially funded by the Dutch, Swedish and Namibian Governments but is now wholly funded and facilitated by the Government of Namibia through the Ministry of Education.

However, the ownership of the programme rests with the community, which is expected to participate actively in the planning, directing, monitoring, recruitment of learners and evaluating of all programme related activities (through its regional and community literacy committees).

The 1991 census revealed that about 300 000 - 400 000 people or 35% of the entire population was illiterate.

The government’s specific and long-term vision for educational development is for Namibia to become a fully literate nation with a literate work force that is capable of driving and sustaining national development.

In the short term, however, the programme aims to achieve a total youth and adult literacy rate of 90% by 2015.

The overall qualitative goal is to use NPLN to promote social, cultural, political and economic development nationwide in order to improve the quality of life for all people.

To this end, the NPLN aims to: The Directorate of Adult Education (DAE), which is part of the Department of Lifelong Learning in the Ministry of Basic Education, Sport and Culture, is responsible for coordinating the development of the curriculum, developing and distributing learning resources/materials and providing learners with literacy and numeracy skills training.

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