Dating in nyc

Dating is just another task single New Yorkers don’t want to add to their to-do list.

Dating apps are an obvious solution, but not all are created equal.

While online dating has its pros; it's a fast and straightforward approach for singles to meet up, there are cons also.

In my head I'm saying, "You know what's about to happen girl, why are getting dressed, get back in bed." Even with the doubt I still put on some lipstick, blast some music while I finish getting dressed and text the guy: "see you soon, smiley face emoji." First I want to point out a popular choice of meeting singles in NYC and that's online dating.

Some dating apps serve single New Yorkers better than others.

In particular, the 15 dating apps below have really made a name for themselves in this market.

So why try to bring some stranger that you have to spend days, weeks, months getting to know into the mix just to make your already crazy life even crazier, when you can just settle for a few flings every now and then.It’s historical, at least in the eyes of the internet (founded in 2007), it’s popular (30 million downloads on i Tunes and Google Play), and it’s ginormous (40 million users).Plus, a significant number of its users are in large cities like NYC. I even attempt to take as long as possible getting ready for the date so the guy could possibly cancel or stand me up.Meeting someone in person in "the city that never sleeps" might seem really easy since everywhere you go there's people or something going on, but that's not so true. Try speaking to the guy or girl next to you while you're walking super fast to get to your next destination and you're most likely gonna get an awkward smile or ignored.

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