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We were mainly millennial singles (ages 21-36) at the event and recent stats by The Pews Research Center revealed that 57% of all millennials are single and 36% are well-educated, driven to climb the career ladder once they reach graduation.This makes sense because I found that although none of us were married, many seemed to be married to our careers.Plus, there’s pizza, a consolation prize.” Reluctantly, my cousin agreed, and we walked into our very first Muslim speed dating, pizza and games night event.READ MORE: Obsessing over your partner's past is not their issue and may be a form of your own OCD We were greeted by a smiling Muslim woman with a list of names.Eventually, most of us ignored the games altogether as we shared anecdotes of meetings with potentials that had gone wrong, why we found it so difficult to find a spouse, and our careers.

We stood in the parking lot of Oakland High School for another moment, both taking deep breaths and checking our reflections in the car’s window.The event ran for about two hours and eventually, the MC announced that the speed dating had ended and refreshments would be served.Thanks to a spot of confusion, my cousin and I ended up at the exact same table we started out with.These varied between parents, older brothers and siblings. I thought as I calculated that there’d be three women, for every male in the hall.Surprisingly, I spotted people I’d often seen in malls and on the commute to work.

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