Dating for 5 years not married Sex date mumbai

Your connection with your wife needs to be strengthened.

This means that trust between you and your wife needs to be nurtured and quite possibly reestablished and excitement needs to be re-ignited. The newness of the relationship made you want to spend time with her to get to know her and to learn about her interests, her passions, her thoughts and ideas. You made yourself attractive to her by having your own interests, passions and physical prowess.

When you discover what her new dreams, interests or passions are, and share your with her, you both are growing together.

You also tried to find out her likes and dislikes in order to satisfy her and draw her to you. By dating your wife, you demonstrate to her your desire and willingness to pursue her.

Now is the time to date your wife again and discover the woman she is now. So think back to some of the romantic things you did when you first met your wife; the time you spent planning activities, conversations starters, and dates. What new ways came you come up with to court your wife?

We've even gone to stores where I picked out rings I liked.

In the last year or so, we've been talking about marriage and rings.

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