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She may be emotionally stressed, where she becomes moody and upset for no reason.

She may be physically stressed, where her body gives out consistently and gets sick.

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I don't think one can rush the recovery from this relationship, So, bitterness needs other emotions to equal it out.

Trust, friendship and a belief that love can happen again.

It will help you and her create a solid foundation instead of a rocky one.

If you see any bitterness during your conversations with her – or possibly a diary that says “Die!

Everyone'sheart gets broken - it starts in kindergarten. It is in some people's nature to become bitter and anger towards that person who aggrieved them.

As one heals from a broken heart, we become more open to accepting love again - but never so innocently as the first time.

With every broken heart, a little bit of residual damage happens and it is protection against feeling completely shattered when it happens again.

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If they affected her past relationship you can bet they will probably affect yours.

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