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In many cases due to changes either in your health or the rules of the superannuation fund you may not be able to get the required cover you seek. You might consider applying for your intended cover before you cancel your previous cover. How to amalgamate your super funds There are a number of ways to have your super funds consolidated.These are: Do it yourself To get your old super fund to send the proceeds to your new super fund you can send them a form requesting the transfer. Get your super fund to do it The recipient super fund is the one you should ask to do this.If we find an account matching an AUSfund member's details in another fund, and that account has received contributions or rollovers in the prior year, we automatically transfer their AUSfund balance to that account.

We then use a statistical formula to compare our member records to their information.

Consolidating Superannuation Traps There are some traps you should be aware of particularly with regard to exit fees and insurance.

There may be exit fees payable on some of your funds. Just because you currently have life insurance, TPD or temporary salary continuance (income protection) via your current fund, does not mean you will be able to get cover through your new fund.

The asset allocation of your funds is very important as over the long term the wrong asset allocation may lead to large opportunity losses.

Likewise your investment selection needs to be reviewed on a regular basis as investment managers need to be reviewed also to make sure they are performing.

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